"The Man Who Went to Live in the Mountain" is a thoughtful and thought provoking documentary about the life of abstract artist Julio Mejia. Set at his home in the North Georgia Mountains, this film takes you through Julio’s amazing life story and family lineage of wine, art and tango.  


A life story that begins at his birthplace of New Orleans, La. and travels through South America, we gain a perspective of a person’s life that we rarely see.   Mejia shares his life with us through a series of questions asked by Cuban filmmaker, Lenia Castro.  From this, Castro is able to take the viewer on a trip around the world and through the journey we are able to meet the man and are given an opportunity to understand more about his work through his life story."


- Onaje Henderson, ZuCot Gallery


Legal Notice:  This documentary is for personal and professional educational and for non-commercial purposes only. Julio Mejia has no proprietorship to this documentary.